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Bilsta57 Podcast Welcome to Bilsta57.com Daily
Bilsta57 Podcast

Bilsta57 Podcast

Just letting everyone know that I do have my own podcast called the “Bilsta57 Podcast” so you can check that out and subscribe on iTunes here and also check out the Tech Webcast I am also on there a lot of the time. -Bilsta57

Welcome to Bilsta57.com Daily

Welcome to Bilsta57.com Daily

So if you have not noticed, my main site, http://bilsta57.com does not get updated that often and there is a good reason for that. The first reason is that it requires a lot of effort to post and take photos and write reviews etc. etc. So whats this site about? well its basically going to [...]

Good Youtuber’s To Check Out

02 December 2009

So today I will be giving a recommendation on some good YouTuber’s this of course will be another short post if you have not caught the drift of this site already : http://youtube.com/brad20071 http://youtube.com/MacBrebonicks http://youtube.com/deathinnovember http://youtube.com/34skyline http://youtube.com/techconclave http://youtube.com/flashpointgaming http://youtube.com/kpappletech http://youtube.com/anshuchimala http://youtube.com/mario4hustle http://youtube.com/mrchicity3 http://youtube.com/adibalsi http://youtube.com/ihackyourtech http://youtube.com/grahamandfriends http://youtube.com/JeffBT http://youtube.com/tylerplack http://youtube.com/productfeedback http://youtube.com/pimpcoop Hopefully that list will help you find some good YouTuber’s, I also got approached by Kevin at http://5min.com today and asked [...]

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Foxtel Next Generation and my favourite channels

01 December 2009

So Foxtel next generation has launched as we all know and of course this is just going to be a short post on my favourite channels: .Fox8 HD .Starpix HD So those are really my two favourite channels, the rest of the HD channels are excellent however I just really like those channels and some of the SD [...]

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Techwebcast Episode 50

30 November 2009

Just letting everyone know that I will be on episode 50 of the Tech Webcast, it will be aired on Thursday and it will be a big episode so make sure that you all have a listen and tune in to http://techwebcast.podomatic.com .

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Top 3 Recommended Games for Mac

30 November 2009

Ok so as we all know there are not many games for Mac however there are a few good games on Mac that people probably overlook the first is Call Of Duty 4, as we all know COD is a great game and of course its on mac the second Game I recommend although extremely [...]

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Best Twitter Client for Mac And Windows?

30 November 2009

This post is going to be short and straight to the point thats why I posted it on my daily version of my site, so the best Twitter application in my opinion is tweetdeck for a few reasons, I used to be a fan of twhirl (another Adobe Air app), however twhirl did get frustrating [...]

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Bilsta57 Podcast Episode 10

Bilsta57 Podcast Episode 10

29 November 2009

There is a new episode of my podcast out, have a listen! http://bilsta57.podomatic.com

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